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Everything Apple could present at the March event

Although the coronavirus crisis has slowed some launches, events and presentations (such as Google I / O), analysts and leakers They still point to a special Apple event, although not face-to-face, in which they will announce some of the products that have not been updated for the longest and some new ones. A set-up to face the first half of the year with a shipment of new devices, with which Apple can conquer a market originally covered by the launches of Samsung and Huawei that usually concentrate in these months.

iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2

Without a doubt, one of the most rumored products of recent years. The replacement for the acclaimed iPhone SE. That is, good performance, conservative design and price more tight than the rest of Apple releases. The iPhone 9 / SE 2 will be one of the biggest releases of the year if, definitely, Apple just put it on the market this spring.

Rumors about the iPhone SE 2 specification list are not homogeneous. On the one hand, all point to a 4.7-inch screen similar to that of the iPhone 8 with a variant of 5.4 inches but with the screen slightly curved on both sides. The terminal will include an Apple A13 processor similar to the iPhone 11, but other voices point to something more restrained, such as the X12 A12 Inclusion Which will allow contain the price more closely to the iPhone 11.

About the camera is another section in which the rumors do not agree. On the one hand it seems to keep a single lens like the iPhone XR or the 8, but your sensor will be compatible with the night mode that includes the most recent terminals, also with the software portrait mode already seen in the XR and how well it works.

The screen will keep LCD with Touch ID system, that is, Face ID sensors will not be included with the intention that the terminal price be as tight as possible. The analysts point out that this iPhone 9 or SE 2 will start in approximately 399 dollars for the base model of 64GB capacity, also available in space gray, silver and red colors Edition (RED). It is expected for the last week of March.


Although there is no background about this product in Apple's history, the rumors, leaks and even part of the iOS code leave no doubt: one way or another the company is working on a label system RDIF / NFC compatible with the geolocation (we assume that through Beacons) and with this system released with Catalina and iOS 13 that used other iOS devices to locate devices.

In this way, the AirTags are one of the Apple devices that have remained the most in the rumors for a couple of years, and a few months ago they have become stronger.

Although many analysts maintain a launch in March (which should have been produced in conjunction with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro), others point to an imminent presentation of the AirTags for a later launch at some time during the third or fourth quarter of the year.

About the technology as such of the device hardly anything is known, but it will work in an unattended way and will be integrated in the section of devices of the Search app (before Search my Iphone), to have all devices centralized in one place. Anyway, the Apple AirTags are just around the corner.

iPad Pro and MacBook

iPad Pro

On the iPad Pro and the MacBook the rumors are more limited regarding an imminent launch. While the iPad Pro has not been updated since October 2018, an update without a formal presentation event can overshadow some of the great features that Apple will have for the device. Keep in mind that this time the rumors do not point to a small improvement in processor, if not to a complete change of specifications that puts the Apple tablet in the first place in the Apple hardware, and that includes some improvements seen in the iPhone 11 Pro such as the U1 chip and trackpad support on the Smart Keyboard.