Sebastian Jimenez

Discover Xbox One at work at Microsoft – Rumor

As well as a cheaper variant of Xbox One S than to come with a disc.

Although Microsoft is also currently working on the next generation of Xbox hardware (which we only know by its alleged code name, Scarlett), it apparently also has some new Xbox One. S variants, in addition to the Xbox One S, which launched in 2016, and the Xbox One X, which launched in 2017.

Thurrott reports that Microsoft is currently working on a variant of the Xbox One, with the intention of making a cheaper version of the Xbox One console that can permanently bring the entry point to the ecosystem at less than $ 200 (currently, the Xbox One S often falls in price around that range, but the official price is still $ 300). Apparently, a thinner version of the Xbox One S is also in the works, one that will retain the disk drive, but, once again, focus on cost selection.

None of these consoles should necessarily impact the next Scarlett. Thurrott's report specifies that a final decision has not yet been made on whether or not that system will have a disk drive, but that Microsoft is aware of the fact that many players like physical media, and will not kindly accept a attempt to remove it

Thurrott has a good track record with Xbox leaks, so this is a pretty credible report. That said, until we have official confirmation in any way, it is a good practice to treat it as a rumor. A well-supplied source, but a rumor nonetheless.