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Activity Bubbles is the new experimental app from Google

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is a new Google app which comes with the intention that visually you are able to be aware of the use you give daily to your mobile.

An app fully immersed in what Google called as Digital Wellbeing or Digital Wellbeing and that was introduced by default in the latest Android updates; Above all, it takes a greater presence in Android 10 to have all the information at hand and even have parental control before our children.

Be visually aware of daily use


There is nothing left to hide and half the world or more is hooked to your mobile. You just have to walk around the streets to see how that mobile device is used for thousands of needs; Either listen to music, watch the game of our favorite team, do an Instagram Stories or take a selfie to upload it to Tik Tok with a little encouragement from us.

Google has put the batteries and knowing how the subject is, has already provided the necessary tools from Android to know the use we give to apps, how much time we spend with social networks or how time is distributed in the week to have proof of it.

Too a released several apps, and one of them is Activity Bubbles. An interesting tool that visualizes the time we use every day with our mobile phone with a series of bubbles that fill the screen.

The more bubbles we see means that more time we have spent with our mobile in the day. Each day the screen will be emptied so that those bubbles fill the screen. This is how this app works that without more seeks to visualize the reality of your days with your smartphone.

The longer the bubble is


Not only will more bubbles appear, but the size also indicates the mobile usage rate. As you can see in the shared images you you can give an account of the use we can give to this app that we have for free from the Google Play Store.

Activity Bubbles is part of a series of experimental apps and of which we have spoken to you on occasion. Google takes great importance in the experiment of these apps and is looking for the one that allows us to be more aware of the addiction we can have with our mobile.

Especially those ages in which the daily time should be occupy for other purposes as happens to the little ones and that many times the mobiles are used in a bad way.

Possible improvements