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Activate and deactivate the mouse on your iPad with this fantastic shortcut

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After the fork that iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 have suffered this generation, One of the differentiating features of the tablet version in front of its mobile version is the possibility of installing a mouse to navigate the iPad. In its launch we already tell you how it works and a mouse is configured on iPadOS 13, and today we bring you a most interesting shortcut to complement the use of the mouse on the Apple tablet.

Twitter user Jose Manuel Ramrez (@jmramirez) has published a shortcut to enable and disable the use of the mouse on the iPad with just one click thanks to the possibility of creating automatisms with the app "Shortcuts". Seeing the success of his trick, he decided to publish the shortcut so that those interested could use it too.

Get the shortcut on the button below:

Shortcut to enable and disable the mouse

The shortcut consists of a button in the "Shortcuts" widget of the "Today" display (the screen with our widgets when swiping right on our main screen) that activates or deactivates the use of the mouse in the system.

How to install the shortcut on our iPad

To install a shortcut created by a third party such as this case, The first thing we will have to do is give the iPad permission to install unreliable shortcuts. This is only necessary if it is the first time you install a third party shortcut, if you have done it before you must have this option already enabled by default. To do this we will go to “Settings” -> “Shortcuts” and click on the slide button where it says “Allow unreliable shortcuts”. If the first time you try to activate this does not allow it, first download the shortcut and simulate that you are going to install it, when I tell you that you are not allowed, return to this same menu and try again. This sliding button is only activated once we have tried at least once to install a homemade shortcut.

Once this is done, the part that remains is the easiest. Download the shortcut from your iPad and the “Shortcuts” app will open automatically so you can install it. You will see a description with the executions that are carried out to program the shortcut, we scroll to the bottom and we will find a red button that says "Add unreliable shortcut", click on and we already have it in our system.

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Add the shortcut to your shortcut widget in the "Today" visualization

Once the shortcut is added, and to have it more accessible, we recommend placing it in the shortcut widget. For this we will go to “Shortcuts” in the “Today” visualization and click where it says “Customize in Shortcuts”. We will open a list with the shortcuts that we want to show in the widget and the last installed appear in the last position, click on it and it will be marked with a tick that indicates that it is already added.

If you got here You will have everything ready to activate and deactivate the use of the mouse on your device in a very simple way. We thank Jose Manuel Rmirez for his contribution that will undoubtedly have made many users improve their experience with the mouse on iPadOS.

Shortcuts has opened a world of automatisms on our devices and the community has launched to customize their favorite features with them, getting so that where the system itself does not reach its programmed commands at pleasure Shortcuts complement iOS and iPadOS very well and it is worth checking out even if you are not an expert, as there are a large number of programmable functions that can help you in your day to day. Also many of the most recognized apps in the App Store have their own shortcuts to order food, have a look at your bank account, see how your order from the Apple Store is going and so on a long etctera.

Do you have any shortcut that you consider really useful for your day to day? Feel free to share it with us in the comments!