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These Panasonic headphones bring a unique function

Panasonic, a Japanese company sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics, has shown in Madrid all its novelties for 2020, both on televisions and on cameras and audio equipment.

The appointment has served to release a new product category, which is added to its already varied proposal of devices: headphones or headphones of the true wireless type (completely wireless) equipped with the function that incorporates the most complete headphones, the cancellation of noise.

In the case of Panasonic S500W models and its subsidiary Technics brand, the AZ70W, it is a double noise cancellation. With Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling technology, they not only cancel outside noise, but also inside (Feedforward Noise Canceling and Feedback Noise Canceling). With this second microphone integrated internally, the isolation rises and is total, according to Panasonic.

Technics AZ70W headphones in black along with the charging case

Technics AZ70W are about true wireless premium in every way, from its finish to its audio system (and its price, of course). With a button-type design, they mix plastic with some aluminum parts, and noise cancellation is enhanced than in other models.

Of course, for the cancellation microphone to work properly (and the headphones do not get out of the ear) it is necessary to put them well in the ear (when introducing it, you must turn them so that the rubber pads adapt perfectly). In autonomous, they are also pointers: with a single charge you enjoy eight hours of music and with the 24-hour charging case. Its recommended price is 279 euros ($ 311 dollars).



one from two

With a button design similar to Technics, but with less careful aesthetics, the Panasonic S500W headphones also feature the double noise cancellation system and their high-performance MEMS microphones incorporate a unique structure to suppress wind noise. If you don't want so much isolation, activate the ambient sound mode. These headphones, too, are empowered to speak on the phone clearly. They will be sold in black or gray.

If you do not want or do not need headphones with noise cancellation, the Panasonic S300W model dispenses with this technology. In design, they are identical to the S500W, but they are smaller and offer less autonomy. And they are more affordable, of course. They will be marketed in black, gray and green.

All new headphones are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. They go on sale in May, at least in Spain.