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The iPhone triumphs in the US and in Europe it has not gone badly in 2019

iPhone 11

A few years ago, Apple began to stop publishing the sales results of its products to prevent investors and users from using them against it. However, it seems that their situation has only improved since then, and although we have no official figures, analysts do offer us reports that confirm that the iPhone is still some of the best selling phones in the world. And it doesn't seem like it will change in the short term.

Recently, Counterpoint has published a report that shows the top 5 sales in different regions of the world. And while some areas like Africa, China or Latin America are resisting those of Cupertino, Apple has managed to continue triumphing in North America and achieves great results in Europe. For example, in North America the five best-selling phones in 2019 they are all models of the iPhone, with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 at the top of the ranking.

In Europe, although it is a market where Apple is also quite strong, I know they have more difficulties compared to other manufacturers. In this case, the first sales position is for the Samsung Galaxy A50, and we only find two models of the iPhone, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11, within the ranking. That's right, these two models occupy second and third place in the ranking, something that becomes even more important when we compare the cost of these phones against Samsung models.

Smartphone Sales 2019Source: Counterpoint

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And it is not the same to buy a mid-range device than a high-end device, and this is essential when comparing the performance of brands in different countries. Let's buy the Apple product we buy, we know it is of high quality, and that is why we are willing to pay more for an iPhone. That is the big difference that exists compared to other brands present in the same ranking.