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The Google Play Movies & TV Landing App App Store

Google has launched its Play Movies & TV app for iOS devices

On Google, users of iOS devices are not neglected for a second. Although it is about competition, since they develop the Android operating system, they are aware that iOS users are very numerous and therefore should not miss that opportunity.

The Mountain View-based company has recently launched a new application called Google Play Movies & TV for the different iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Thanks to this new application, which can be downloaded from the past day 15, Apple users can enjoy movies and TV shows purchased as long as we have a WiFi connection.

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Download the content from Android and view from your iOS device

The peculiarity of the Google Play Movies & TV application for iOS is that we will have to rent or buy the content we want to see through Play Store on Android or through the web, since from the application itself it will not be possible. Once we have purchased or rented content, it will appear in the application on our iPhone or iPad ready to be played, although as we said before, it will be necessary to be connected to a WiFi network to access the contents.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that Google Play Movies & TV for iOS allows streaming with ChromeCast. At the moment, television programs are only available in some countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, but they will soon be available for the rest of the countries (where Spain will of course be included).

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Download Google Play Movies & TV on your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone

Google Play Movies & TV is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and iPad Mini, requires to have the version of iOS 6.0 or later installed and how could it be otherwise is optimized for the iPhone5. Finally, say that it is a application free and can be downloaded from the box that we leave under these lines.

It seems that little by little options are coming for be able to consume streaming content completely legally. Undoubtedly, this is something to be grateful for, since the more competition there is better for us, that we can surely access content of this type at an increasingly affordable price, in addition to obtaining greater variety and quality in this type of service.