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The best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that make life easier

Thanks to its high-end specifications, its powerful applications, the multi-faceted S Pen and innovative features, the Galaxy Note 10 is one of the best phones on the market. And despite the arrival of the Galaxy S20, it still offers a lot of power and versatility. If you still don't know what it can do for you, we reveal all the tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that you should know.

How to make a screenshot

tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

This may seem easy – and it is, once you know how it is done – but with the power button also working as a button to activate Bixby, taking screenshots in Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is slightly different than in others. Android phones. For this, the same combination of buttons is used as in most Android phones, that is, to lower the volume and power, but instead of keeping them pressed, you just have to press and release them. All right! You did!

Samsung also adds gestures that you can activate, such as swiping the palm of your hand across the screen or even taking a screenshot of only part of the screen in the S Commands areos menu.

You can find the first configuration in Settings> Advanced features> Movements and gestures> Swipe your palm to capture, while the second one can be accessed simply by taking out the S Pen pencil and selecting Smart selection in the menu Areos commands.

How to reallocate the side key

The power button on the Note 10, by default, is set to wake up the screen with one click, activate Bixby with a long press and open the camera with a double press. This means that you have to turn off the phone through a software button on the notification screen. Fortunately, you can remove Bixby from this equation and have the power button open the shutdown menu with a long press. This can be changed in Settings> Advanced functions> Side key. In the same menu, you can choose to change the double-click action of direct access to the camera to one for Bixby or any other installed application.

How to search for things on your device

Samsung has been at the forefront for a long time with a useful search application on all its devices. This function analyzes the installed applications, the configuration, the files, the calendar, the gallery, Spotify and the game store in search of relevant matches with your query and also offers a search option in Google. It is a fast, useful function and an excellent way to make your phone much more accessible. It is also easy to access it. You just have to open the app drawer and tap on the search bar at the top.

How to use the popup view

tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The pop-up view takes advantage of the big screen and makes the selected notifications more interactive. When you use Note 10 and receive a notification of almost any type of application, you can choose to have an icon appear on the screen that you then touch to view the notification in a small window. Here you can read the story, reply to the message or do what you normally do in the full screen version, and then close it when finished.

You can do this only for selected applications or enable it for all of them. You just have to go to Settings> Advanced features> Smart popup window and ah you can select the applications that you want to have this functionality.

How to configure the Edge Panel

The Edge panel is one of those things that you can forget about until you need to have quick direct access to the applications or functions you use most frequently. By default, it is enabled and preloaded with some applications. All you have to do is look at the right edge of the screen where you see a transparent tab that appears. Touch and slide this option to open the panel, where you can go to these shortcuts or customize them. Here you can even add several screens to access the meteorological warnings and reminders, which you can pass in a carousel with the same sliding movement used to open the Edge panel. If for any reason you are not enabled, you can go to Settings> Display> Edge screen> Edge panels to configure your panel.

How to use Samsung Notes to transcribe handwritten notes

tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

One of the most prominent features for taking notes is the ability of Note 10 to transcribe handwritten notes to text within the Samsung Notes application. An integration with Microsoft Word also allows you to export handwritten notes directly to a Word document where they will also be transcribed. Unfortunately, both forms have their pros and cons. In our tests, we found that the notes are transcribed more accurately within the Samsung Notes application than when they are sent directly to Word. If you wish, you can also export the transcribed text to a Word document, and this is what we recommend you do to get the best results.

However, transcription within the Samsung Notes application is less than intuitive. Once you have written the note, save it and then tap on the body of the handwritten note to access a menu located at the bottom. Find an icon that has a T mayscula along with a black box with a scribble and select it. A text box appears with the converted script, which you can copy or save as converted. From here you can press the Share button to export the newly transcribed text to a Word document. Easy!

How to configure the S Pen button to start other applications

tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

I bet you didn't know you could do this. It is something easy, and also, it is always good to get more out of the S Pen: there are several applications that you can manipulate with the S Pen apart from the camera application, including the web browser, Snapchat, the galley and Samsung Notes. To configure the application, which starts when you press and hold the S Pen button, go to Settings> Advanced functions> S Pen> Actions Areas> Press and hold the Pen button and select the application you want. The specific functions of the application activated by the S Pen button can be adjusted from the same menu of Actions areas in Settings> Advanced functions> S Pen> Actions areas> Application actions.

How to preview images and links with the S Pen (Air View)

tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Air View or Vista area is another practical feature that allows you to navigate your Note 10 device with the S Pen. With Air View, you just have to point your digital pen over web links, images or calendar events to preview more information in a pop-up window. By placing the pencil on the top or bottom of the screen you can also scroll through the page, but this is a little less useful. To enable this option, go to Settings> Advanced functions> S Pen> Vista area and activate the switch to access it.