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Pokmon GO closes 2019 with astronomical figures for a mobile game

pokemon GO 2019

Niantic must feel that Pokmon GO is his hen of the golden eggs, or at least the amount of income he generates supports this, and is that since its launch, according to the information collected by The famous Pokmon game for iOS and Android mobile platforms has generated $ 3.1 billion in profits, astronomical figures if we value that it is a mobile game.

Launched in 2016, Pokmon GO became an instant success by introducing a dynamic game not known so far and rely on a franchise as successful as that of Pokmon. 2017 was a difficult year in which the popularity of the application fell, but despite this declaring profits that touched the US $ 600 million. Behind this, In 2018 I managed to recover his good figures again, thanks in part to the inclusion of new dynamics in the game such as fighting or exchanges (elements that have always been key in conventional Pokmon games), and from there it has continued to grow throughout this past 2019, until achieving annual benefits of almost 900 million dollars. The expense is distributed quite similarly between Android and iOS users, with 54% of this expenditure coming from the players of the Google mobile system and the remaining 46% of those from Cupertino.

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If we talk in addition to the number of downloads, despite having been released almost 4 years ago, The popular Pokmon game was installed nothing more and nothing less than 55 million times in this past 2019. Of these new installations, 69% corresponded to Android devices and the remaining 31% to the Apple App Store.

It does not seem that the sun is going to set in the Pokmon GO empire, and it is that 2020 promises to be another year full of success For this game you have managed to put people from around the globe standing to go out and capture their favorite Pokmon.