Know the best option in the cloud to back up your information

Know the best option in the cloud to back up your information

If you have limited physical space on your hard drive or want to keep your files elsewhere for security reasons, cloud storage is a great help. When it comes to small businesses, this data and files are more valuable. We have verified the main storage services and we tell you what is the best option in the cloud that you can get.

Arrangement of disks for mass data storage in the data center as the best option in the cloudPanumas Nikhomkhai / Pexels

While it is bad if you lose photos or personal information, losing vital business data could cost you a lot of time and money, as well as damaging your reputation. Analyzing what is best according to the size of your company, as well as any additional requirements to access your data, such as end-to-end encryption or two-factor authentication.

We review some cloud services that offer free storage for a limited time or up to a certain amount of space. Products like Apple's iCloud service, OneDrive and Google Drive often provide some free cloud storage so you can get started.

We compile a list of the best cloud storage services that are not specific to small businesses, but you will notice that there are many similarities, as companies often offer alternatives for everyone.

Why should you use cloud storage in addition to the physical?

The keyword is redundancy. In an ideal world, we recommend multiple backups for your critical files. Physical hard drives (such as a NAS drive) are useful, but storage away from your physical facilities in dedicated data centers is also crucial. Surely you wonder, what is its usefulness. Imagine that in your facilities there is a robbery, fire, flood or other accident and you lose data. It is vital to have backup copies in a different physical location.

Cloud storage offers:

  • An easy-to-use backup source that may take a few seconds to configure, as opposed to configuring additional physical units.
  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device, so you can easily verify your work files through mobile applications and devices, as well as through a computer or Mac.
  • Group access, so you don't need to send individual files to your colleagues. You can simply configure everyone with separate accounts and work collaboratively with minimal effort through file sharing.

Here we review some of the best cloud-based storage solutions.

DropBox Business work screen as the best option in the cloudDropBox Business

Dropbox, one of the oldest cloud storage services, is a popular service for millions of users and for good reason. Its commercial side is as competent as it is easy to use. DropBox Business Share with a free 30-day trial before increasing to $ 15 per month per user. For the price, deliver 5TB of encrypted storage space in the cloud. Enterprise storage options are also available if you contact Dropbox for more details on a customizable solution. In all cases, Dropbox Business uses 256-bit AES and SSL / TLS encryption, so your data is stored securely, away from prying eyes.

It does not offer online editing tools, but you can easily use it to synchronize files between users, with the option to recover previous versions when necessary. DropBox offers up to 120 days of file recovery, in case you accidentally delete a document. It offers an easy-to-use interface that users will find familiar, which can save you some technical support.

Other features include the integration of Office 365, an administration console with an audit trail, in addition to the remote device removal functionality in case of loss or theft of a device. Two-factor authentication is also an option if you need additional security.

DropBox Business is an extensive and versatile service. It is not the cheapest option that exists, but it does everything you might need. That many of your employees have probably used it before, makes it easier.

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Google Cloud home screen with icons of all your applications Google Cloud

You and your employees are likely to use Google services extensively, through GSuite-based email addresses or even through Adsense accounts. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to also use Google Cloud for Work / Business. It works as easy as Google Drive for personal accounts, so your employees will know what to do.

For $ 12 per month per user, you can subscribe to the Business package that offers an enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving functionality. If you need less than five users, each user gets 1 TB of storage, but for small / large companies it is unlimited. If your needs are lower, the package of $ 6 per month per user gives you 30 GB of and the same features.

It is possible to edit files online or offline. The broad support of smart phone applications makes it easier to do on the move. Collaboration is almost effortless with extensive features within the Google Office suite of tools, including documents, spreadsheets and Google presentations, which saves you money, since you can use them instead of dedicated Office packages.