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Is Samsung winning the innovation race this year?


Is Samsung winning the innovation race this year?

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April 25, 2015

Obviously, we must begin by recognizing that the year has just begun and that, in fact, we have not yet officially met the LG G4 nor do we know what exactly the plans of Sony on an international level. In any case, we already have enough information about the flagships of most major manufacturers (with the exception of iPhone 6sof course, which is launched with a completely different calendar than the main high-end calendar of Android) and, very often, the complaint is always the same: too much continuity. Of course, there is an exception: the Galaxy S6.

The innovation problem

Effectively, Samsung seems to have managed to save this year from burning, although the reality is that the main motivation that Koreans have had to launch a truly innovative smartphone has been the "failure" harvested the previous year by the Galaxy S5. It seems clear, in any case, that he has managed to change the tables and that, in reality, it is especially his success in this project that may be making his opponents worse. Is it to be expected that next year, or even in the next round of flagships, in autumn, it will be their competitors who give everything to regain the lead?

S6 vs S5 speed

The truth is that there is no lack of voices that ensure that it will not be so, for one fundamental reason: the lack of innovation It is, at least indirectly, the result of an increasingly fragmented market with lower benefits for those of us who still consider the big manufacturers, those from whom we expect the big ones news, at least to the extent that lower profits means less money to invest in investigation. If this were the correct explanation, we should expect, on the contrary, that Samsung it would still be the one that carries the singing voice, since it is the company that invests most in this section.

And it is not far-fetched that that is what happens because, contrary to what some claim, the important evolution that the Galaxy S6 With respect to Galaxy S5 It has nothing to do with a renewed design. One of the characteristics that we have been doing for some time now is something common in the high range Android is the Quad HD resolution and reality is something that still does not happen and for good reasons, given that its cost in terms of autonomy It is quite high. Again, with one exception: Samsung It is probably the only manufacturer to date that has achieved good results without giant batteries.

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It is inevitable, in any case, to question the possibility that Samsung can launch a smartphone that leaves as much a sense of rupture every year as it has done now with the Galaxy S6. We must also recognize that when from HTC the continuity of HTC One M9 was defended with the key simply to bet on maintaining an identity and putting the successful iPhone As an example, it sounded quite reasonable. Is it possible that we have set the bar too high?

The problem, in addition, is not exclusive to smartphones, but it seems that it also affects the tablets, or at least the most popular of them, since analysts who blame the lack of innovation of the iPad Air 2 and of iPad mini 3 of the drop in their sales figures. Of course, as far as iPad mini 3, they cannot be denied part at least of reason, because It is hard to understand why those of Cupertino expect someone to pay for it. 100 euros more than the iPad mini 2 costs.

iPad mini 3