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How much faster is an iPhone 11 Pro than an iPhone 6S?

cover 6S vs 11 Pro

On launch In 2015, the iPhone 6S was crowned as the fastest device of its generation, and it became a very popular smartphone. Such was the success that was sold until 2018 and those of Cupertino have kept it updated until today. The iPhone 6S is the oldest iPhone that iOS 13 has received this past year, and on the YouTube channel PhoneBuff have published a video facing it with its more modern counterpart, the iPhone 11 Pro, to know how this terminal has evolved 4 more generations late.

For the test, and to avoid playing with the performance drop suffered by this device as the battery wears out, has faced a completely new iPhone 6S against an iPhone 11 Pro. They have tested their speed by performing the same tasks, with a mechanical arm being the actuator of both devices to avoid a human delay.

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Obviously the iPhone 11 Pro was going to be faster than the iPhone 6S, but the question was how much more. And it is that throughout these years Apple chips have evolved, multiplied their cores and included support chips for tasks such as security. In addition, and this in the test you can see how it plays a key role against the iPhone 6S, the difference of 2GB of RAM between one device and another makes a big difference that is evident in the second round. To put the seen in the video in context, The iPhone 11 Pro is almost twice as fast as a newly released iPhone 6S.

A test that shows us, beyond benchmark numbers, how the processing power and speed of Cupertino devices have evolved. In any case, these tests are subjective, but they are worth us to get an idea of ​​the potential of the devices we carry with us in the day to day, and above all, how they evolve over the years.