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Google does not think bad the cart with 99 phones in Google Maps

Cart 99

Well it seems that Google has not bothered at all that this artist has taken a cart with 99 mobiles and used them to create fictitious traffic jams; that is to say they do not exist.

Yesterday we already announced the artistic proposal of this man who simulated, thanks to those 99 connected mobiles, a non-existent traffic jam. Dressed in a cart mounted those 99 mobiles to make Google Maps understand that there was a traffic congestion.

Google's statements are these:

Traffic data on Google Maps is continually updated thanks to information from a variety of sources, including completely anonymous data from people who have activated location services and contributions from the Google Maps community. We have launched the ability to distinguish between cars and motorcycles in various countries such as India, Indonesia and Egypt, although we have not yet entered the journey by car (or cart in this case). We appreciate seeing the creative uses of Google Maps and helping us make Maps work better over time.

It is the same artist who has shared part of his experiment in German FAZ. Confirm that everyone the phones were equipped with their own SIM and that they were actively sailing, although he suspects that the experiment could also have worked without delegating in active navigation.

Although it does say that some movements have had to take place, since when the cart stopped completely, the streets appeared decongested. Just like when a car passed the artist's cart, the congestion disappeared.

A curious event that has surely helped Google to improve Maps to fine tune when collecting the data with which then make these traffic congestion that we see from the app.