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Fighting between robots in a new game called Megabot Battle Arena

Megabot Battle Arena takes us to manufacturing of our own robot to take it in combat against that of other players. A new title for Android well-known in the graphics and in which we can highlight those chaotic combats that we can direct ourselves.

This is the big difference if we compare it to other titles in which they allow us to manufacture our own vehicles, although without having any type of control over them. It is perhaps here where v differs from the rest. So let's see what this new combat game between armed robots is about.

Megabots and those loot boxes

Megabot Battle Arena

In what does not differ is in the loot boxes. Here they are vital to be able to unlock new elements that we will later integrate for the construction of our robot or for those improvements. You can differentiate between a good number of them, and apart from the typical arms and legs, we also have the chip.

Megabot Battle Arena

In total we will have our arrangement more than 80 pieces and unique weapons, which increases the depth of the game and the desire to know what will be the weapons with which we can equip our favorite robot.

From the first game we are teach how to build the robot with all those parts, so that later we can go into combat. In combat we will have a series of buttons to control our robot. Mainly they are dedicated to the movement or lateral displacement of the same and what would be a jump to try to avoid the attacks of the enemy robot.

Asynchronized games against other players

Megabot Battle Arena

What we do miss Missing in Megabot Battle Arena are the games in real time. They warn that we will play with other players, although they are rather the shadows of their robots, so do not expect great rivalry in aspects such as movement or attack tactics. It will simply be the statistics and the design of the robot itself that will differentiate each other.

Still, Megabot Battle Arena is able to offer an interesting experience in which those combats are not lacking in which many times we will face totally chaotic moments. Come on, we recommend you go straight to the confrontation to use the 4 slots for armament equipment that we have at our disposal in our robot.

Every part of the robot takes us to the most complex and fun part of this game, the more than 50 million combinations with which we have to create our unique and special robot. It is perhaps the most important part of this free game for Android and that leads you to the confrontation with other players.

Championships with 23 ranks

Megabot Battle Arena

Apart from manufacturing the robot, we will be able to progress through 23 ranges which is supposed to put more meat on the grill to make the games more lively. Anyway, it is not that we are facing a great game, since it has its limits. We would have liked the game in real time, but you can understand the need for more resources to give that experience.