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Create your own team of superheroes to save the world

Super Heroes games are all the rage, and every time we see how more and more titles come to Android. Today we have to talk about DC Legends, title in which the boys of DC Comics have wanted to unite all their heroes and villains in a new adventure.

In DC Legends we will have to create our own team, in which we can choose both heroes and villains to face a greater evil. The shadow of the Darkest Night prophecy has fallen on the worlds of our heroes, and the responsibility to save them rests with our hands.

DC Legends allows you to unite heroes and villains

DC Legends: Create your own superhero team to save the world

If we were to briefly describe DC Legends, we could put it directly into a genre that many of you will be used to. Build your team and fight one battle after another against waves and waves of enemies. Surely this description sounds to you, and it is that more and more "role-playing" games opt for this formula.

And of course, the DC boys have chosen this formula for their new title. We met with a game mechanic that is already well known, but that is able to stand out above its playing style. After all, this is a DC game, and the game is able to revolve around this universe.

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We can recruit Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Flash, Wonderwoman and many more characters. Each of them has their own unique objects and abilities, besides being able to level up to continue advancing in the different levels. It should be noted that the game has its own plot and exclusive plot line, and when we get bored we can challenge other players.

DC Legends is a game that we can acquire for free on Google Play. Like most games of this style, Contains micropayments that will facilitate our path by providing advantages. DC Legends is a game that DC fans and accustomed to this genre you can not miss.