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Bluetooth speakers for sound lovers

Some great soundists insist on saying that Bluetooth speakers are nothing more than a lot of controllers. cheap speakers tucked into plastic boxes They are useless. However, although most of them are correct, there are a few companies that are trying to make these teams really work.

One of them is ADX, a group of engineers in the United States who are working in collaboration with the Chinese mega-manufacturer Wistron. They have created a new brand called Riva and the Turbo X, with a price of approximately 311 euros, is the first product result of this binomial. It is a rectangular type box with seven drivers: three ADX 60 mm drivers and four passive ADX custom dual piston.

The Riva Turbo X has dimensions of 230 mm high, 89 mm wide and weighs 1.6 kg. It has an amplification power of 45 Watts RMS and a microphone with noise and echo reduction technology. The Bluetooth range is 11 meters and supports SBC, AAC and aptX audio codecs. Also incorporates a proximity sensor and the battery life is approximately 26 hours. Additionally, it has a remote control application available for iOS and Android that allows the user to control all the functions of the Turbo X.

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While it is true that there are many bluetooth speakers with batteries on the market, there are very few high-end speakers and much less those that are as well planted as the Riva Turbo X. The turbo mode, which gives its name to the speaker, is really effective and provides quality sound as few teams have.

This equipment really passes the sound test with a very good rating. Thanks to the fact that it has a digital processor, the Turbo X does not distort so much if we place it in the normal position as if we activate the Turbo function that gives us 6 dB extra volume.

Definitely the Riva Turbo X can be considered as one of the best Bluetooth speakers that we can find in the market today, although for its high price it is available only to "foodies" of sound. It is a bit big and heavy but in turn offers great sound with multiple options, which is the most important thing is a team of this style.

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