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Birthday Royale, Season 9 of Clash Royale

Birthday party, Season 9 of Clash Royale

How long have you been playing Clash Royale? Well this year the game turns 4 years and Supercell has decided to celebrate it in style. So feel and relax because the birthday party, Season 9 of Clash Royale, is loaded with quite incredible things, starting with a new letter.

But this is not all, exclusive gestures and aspects of the tower, new game modes and a fairly special arena They are just the beginning of everything that awaits you. So if you are one of those who was hesitating to buy the Royale Pass let me tell you, friend, this is the right time to get one.

All you have to know about season 9 of Clash Royale

Clash Royale has decided to celebrate his birthday number 4 with Season 9 of the Pass Royale. This time they have added a new card, but also they have given an important participation to youtubers of Clash Royale, who have designed new game modes and those you can face.

Alsothis season the restart of cups will be only 25% (after passing 4000), unlike previous seasons where it was 50%. Something quite good for all those people who are looking to beat their record of drinks.

The real package, the new Clash Royale card

The Real Present, the new Clash Royale card

The Royal Package is the new Clash Royale card, it is a common spell that costs 3 drops of elixir. What does it do? Simple, then after two seconds, a box containing a real Recruit falls from the sky. The impact of the box once it falls destroys all kinds of troops (areas and land).

You can only launch it on the side of your map or on the side of the enemy if you already destroyed a tower. While you must be aware when using it because it takes a long time to fall, the actual Present is a good option to replace the Arrows or even the Fireball.

All information about the Pass Royale of Season 9 of Clash Royale

All information about the Pass Royale of Season 9 of Clash Royale

The birthday of Clash Royale arrives with several protagonists, because The exclusive aspect of the towers is based on a birthday cake (Sugar Fortress). In addition, the exclusive gesture is taken by the Warrior Healer, while the Royal Package is the enhanced card of this season. The new arena is birthday cake.

The Royale Pass will also give you:

  • 40,000 deoro.
  • 6 lightning chests.
  • 3 special lightning chests.
  • 4 lightning chestspeaks.
  • 4exchange cards.
  • 7 rays per chest.
  • A legendary chest.

It is also important that you be clear that having the Pass Royale gives you certain special benefits:

  • Unlimited tickets to the challenges.
  • Automatic unlock of chests.
  • Lightning strikes in all Pass Royale chests and crowns chests.
  • Your name changes to golden color.
  • You can send gifts for allies.

If you are one of those you will not buy the Pass Royale you can opt for: