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Automatically adjust the audio levels of your Android mobile

Audio Manager

Thanks to the large number of sensors that our mobile has, we will show you how automatically adjust audio levels of it thanks to a free app.

That is, you are not going to have to do anything so that this app is responsible for leveling the different audio levels as they are multimedia, notifications, calls and more. A lite app that by default already offers more than enough for the management of the sound that our phone emits through its different speakers.

How to automatically level audio without having to do anything

Audio Manager

This app called Audio Manager Lite, is going to in charge of adjusting the audio levels of your mobile Without you having to do anything. It will do it automatically, although we will have to configure it the first time we launch it so that it works in the background and allows us to mute the audio in a meeting or when we are in a specific location raise the level to a certain volume.

It is not an app that comes to bring something super new, but yes thanks to its good design and that free option, although there is also a premium with more features, will make you move from that other app that you have become accustomed to or that perhaps with your new mobile phone that feature is missing in the sound, that Audio Manager Lite does gives.

Audio Manager Lite works in such a way that you will be able to customize certain locations to create different parameters for the alarm sound level, calls or notifications. Apart from set by location We can also do it with the timer at certain times. That is, you will have a series of parameters with which to leave your phone at the appropriate sound level at certain times and in different locations.

Audio Manager Lite a free app, although with a premium option

Audio Manager

From the main screen we have those different sound levels for alarm, calls and music, and a series of buttons or β€œpresets” with which we can configure what we want Just below we have the routines already active and the button to create a new one.

Those routines we can configure them as we want at a certain time and we can have as many as we want. In fact, we will have a message that tells us which will be the next routine to be activated.

That said, the option of using localization to customize the sound level of some of those levels is a premium option. And we have to go through the purchase of the premium app for € 1.09. Nor is it much and with what you have been able to get from apps like Google Opinion Rewards you will have it ready with all its features available without advertising.

A well designed app

Audio Manager

Another of the tips of this app, and which we talked about earlier, is its design. We have a dark mode that makes its august here again and a very clear interface that does not lead to any kind of mistake. This is perhaps one of the best excuses we can have before other apps that have been in Android for years and that are usually full of so many features that the main one is forgotten.