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All this you can do by pressing and holding the screen of your iPhone

3d touch iPhone

In its launch together with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, 3D Touch is defined in practice as a way to expand the possibilities of Apple's mobile environment by adding different possibilities according to the intensity that we pressed the screen. We say in the theory because in the end, despite being an incredible benefit, many of the iOS users did not use it because they did not get used to it, or simply ignore it.
Along with the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple introduced the iPhone XR, which was the first device that replaced 3D Touch with Haptic Touch, and thus replaced a feature that was given by hardware for one given by software, and that instead of being based on the intensity of the press on the screen it works according to the duration of the pressure. Manzana saw that this did not involve too many complaints among its users and I decided to definitely replace 3D Touch in its entire range with the launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max.

This explains where this benefit comes from, but now we are going to the interesting thing. Keep reading to discover everything you can do.

Keep clicking on Safari links

When we surf the Internet with Safari, with all the links we find we can keep the pressure on them to see a preview of the page to which they direct. In addition you will also have access to a menu that will give you more options when accessing this link, such as opening it in a new tab, downloading a linked file in case it contains it, sharing it, etc.

Haptic link

Keep pressing to copy photos

When we look for a photo on the Internet, once we have it located, we can keep the click on it to display a menu that allows us to share it, add it to Photos or directly copy it if we want to use it without having to save it on the reel itself.

Haptic image

Expand control of connections in the Control Center

Within the Control Center of our device we can keep the click on the square containing the indicators for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Avin Mode and Use of mobile data to access a more complete menu with more options. In addition, even within this new menu if we keep pressing again we can access extended content for example within Bluetooth, where we can individually see and connect and disconnect the linked connections.

Haptic center control connections

Mark map locations while holding down

In the Maps app we can mark places that interest us simply by keeping the click on the area of ​​the map that we want to mark in particular. Then we can set the route to that point, share it or add it to favorites among others.

Haptic maps

Choose the intensity of your flashlight

In the Control Center, the button to activate the flash of our device as a flashlight comes by default. If we keep pressing on this button a new one will open that allows us to choose the intensity of the flashlight.

Haptic flashlight