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Absence of Sony E3 2019 due to the synchronization of the new games, Error skipping the show – Pachter

The Wedbush Securities analyst feels that Sony can still be present "without a big stand."

Each time the Electronic Entertainment Expo ends, we often wonder what will happen next year based solely on the absences of the current year. When Sony revealed that it would not have a PlayStation experience to complete 2018, all eyes were on the Sony E3 2019 presser to answer any persistent questions. However, the company recently announced that it will not have an E3 presser next year, so it is the first time the exhibition has been skipped in 24 years.

Not only that, but an off-site event similar to the EA Play of Electronic Arts will not be held. In an official statement to Game Informer, Sony said it wanted to "innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight players." In addition, he added that it was about "exploring new and familiar ways of involving our community in 2019", which could not wait to share (in due course, we imagine).

What other reason could there be for Sony's absence? According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, it may simply be reduced to the lack of new things to announce. "It's due to the synchronization of the new games. They just don't have many new things to announce in June. I think it's a mistake to skip the show. They'll probably be there without a big stand. It was a surprise for me, he told TecNoticias.

Sony still has a decent list of PS4 exclusives to talk about. Tsushima Ghost, Dreams, Death Catch Y The last of us: Part 2. It will not be impossible for a different event to be held at another time of the year, unlike its post-E3 presentation, where it revealed the PS4 Pro. Still, we will have to wait and see what "new and familiar" ways Sony has in mind when It is presented showing your products.