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5 weather applications that will be great for you on vacation

Holidays are to enjoy free time and abroad, either going to the beach or walking through one of your favorite cities. Or ascending the mountain, that summer is a good time to climb since the weather is usually benign. And speaking of climatology. Do you want the best apps to check the weather on Android?

There are many weather apps that you can download, from completely free applications to other programs that bet on a payment to finance their development. Over the years we have analyzed a lot of them, but today we will choose the 5 that seem best to us.

Do you want to find out what the weather will be like tomorrow, next week, the hourly forecast or the UV index so you don't get burned when you lie on the seashore? Let's see, these are our five favorite weather applications.

The time is

It is not the prettiest, nor the one with the least ads, but, at least in our opinion, The time is It is the app that has the best forecasts for Spain. Very specific data, radars, precipitation forecasts … All with great precision and with local alerts so that you do not get lost in the event of a catastrophe.

The time is It is our first recommendation if your use is going to be the Spanish territory. In the case that you look for forecasts from other places you should choose another recommendation.

AEMET weather

5 weather applications that will be great on vacation

This is the official application of spanish meteorology service. With it you will have the most accurate and accurate forecasts for the different corners of the territory. It offers 7-day prediction, warnings and alerts, radar images, widgets … It may not be the prettiest of all, but this inconvenience is supplied by the truthful information it throws.

AEMET weather It lacks ads and in-app purchases. Like El, it is an application oriented to Spain.

Today Weather

This application has a visual and very attractive graphic style with more information than it seems. With just vertical scrolling you will find out about the forecast, the height of the sun, the expected rain, UV index, humidity… It is one of our favorites for how easy it is to find out the time in the area, also other points that you can add in the settings and then move to them by scrolling horizontally on the screen.

Today Weather It is a free time application that has some ads. You can remove them with an in-app purchase to help developers.

Weather Underground

5 weather applications that will be great on vacation