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18 phones to give Father's Day in 2020

There is very little left for Father's Day to arrive and we have already begun to think that we can give it away. The first thing that has come to mind is a mobile phone, but with the amount of options on the market it is difficult to know what is the best option. That's why today we bring you the 18 best phones to give on Father's Day 2020.

We will distribute them in different categories, so you can see which one best suits what your father needs from a mobile phone. Each category expresses what we believe the telephone tastes of many different types of parents can be. Obviously it is impossible to cover all tastes, but we believe that in a general way you will find the ideal phone to give you on such a special date.

Do the phones listen to show us personalized advertising?

A phone to call and nothing else

In this category we are going to leave those terminals that are extremely basic and reminiscent of another time in which the mobile terminals only called and very little more could do.

Doro 7030

Image - 18 phones to give away Father's Day in 2020

This brand is specialized in offering very simple phones so that can handle it until people with very advanced ages. Obviously it allows us to call, receive SMS, in addition to having Facebook and WhatsApp preinstalled.

Purchase: Doro 7030 (Amazon)

Nokia 3310

Image - 18 phones to give away Father's Day in 2020

East classic reinvented Nokia is the perfect example of a phone that lets you call and very little else. The best of the Nokia 3310 is the autonomous, since it is located in figures that already seem like the past.

Purchase: Nokia 3310 (Amazon)

TTfone Lunar TF750

Image - 18 phones to give away Father's Day in 2020

It has a screen where numbers and letters are quite large. In addition, its design is ideal to carry anywhere because it is very compact.

Another of its advantages is the terminal robustness, ready to take some other unexpected blow.

Purchase: TTfone Lunar TF750 (Amazon)

With having WhatsApp is worth

In this case we are going to get into the world of smartphones, but they will be as simple as possible. That is, terminals with which to have WhatsApp and Facebook without any higher pretension.