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YouTube Music allow us to store our music library

Youtube music

YouTube Music is, for now, the final and definitive commitment of the search giant for streaming music, since it is not the first. Previously, users who have opted for Google as a streaming music provider have gone through Google Music and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music continues to share the market with YouTube Music, despite being the same, at least until the second quarter of 2020, when Google Play Music will close its doors permanently leaving only YouTube Music as a music streaming service, yes, with the same functions of the first.

A Google source that has contacted 9t5Mac, states that the transition from Play Music to YouTube Music is close, since soon YouTube Music users will have the possibility to transfer and / or upload their entire music library to Google's streaming music service. This function is already available in the last closed betas that the search giant is working with.

Being able to upload the user music library was a function initially available in Google Music, a function that is also available in Google Play Music and that soon It will also be available on YouTube Music. When this function is available, Play Music users will not have to re-upload their music library as the application will invite them to do the migration automatically.

This function will be appreciated by all those users who, over the years, They have created an important music library, but not for the whole world, a function that is undoubtedly one of the advantages that Google's streaming music service will offer that today Apple Apple and the almighty Spotify do not offer.