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WhatsApp is updated to use less space with your backup

One of the best features that WhatsApp has, especially if we are users who want to have everything saved, is to make backup copies of our chats automatically, including photos, videos and other items.

One of the most comfortable ways is to do them on Google Drive, using our profile of the Google cloud hosting system, taking advantage of the fact that we are almost sure that we are logged in to our smartphone.

Now, the messaging application has been updated so that those backups take up less space. Well, they will actually occupy it, but for practical purposes it is as if they did not exist.

WhatsApp will no longer remove space from Google Drive

WhatsApp security

WhatsApp and Google have reached an agreement so that WhatsApp backups do not count toward Google Drive storage quota. In this way, if we are free users we can use the 15 GB in other things, such as Gmail attachments or high quality photos in Google Photos.

This average will take effect on November 12 for all users but it will be necessary for us to make a manual backup before that date for which it is necessary to have a version of the app that has this function, so it is a good time to update it. Despite this, it is possible that many users will see it available before that date and Google has announced the measure at the time of Google One expansion.

Backups that are more than one year old will be automatically deleted from Google Drive.

Personally I am not an intensive user of WhatsApp but still, and despite being in only one for groups, my backup is more than 1 GB. It is appreciated that this space will be free for more important elements.