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Weird Cuts relies on augmented reality to make cuts

Weird Cuts is a new design app that can come in handy for content creators who want to be the most original in the world. An app that takes advantage of augmented reality to generate other types of images and that knowing how to use them at the time and circumstance, can look great.

A new free application that as its name indicates, translated would be like Strange Cuts, will be able to create the craziest content you've ever seen. It really tries to make cuts of the images taken to bring them to augmented reality and thus create mosaics of the most interesting for their originality.

An app for those looking for something different

Weird Cuts

And as in this to create content you always have to look for something different to highlight, at the moment this app called Weird Cuts is having an interesting acceptance. The basic objective of this app is to take several images and merge them together to create very creative digital collages.

But the most interesting thing about this app is the use that can be given with augmented reality through the screen of our mobile. And they can be displayed as if they existed through the augmented reality technology of the mobile device.

That is, we are going to merge the images we have on the mobile with that that we take with augmented reality to result in one of the craziest visual compositions that you could ever generate with your smartphone. And if in fact we add the trend that is now augmented reality, surely the creators of high quality content will know how to fit them into one of their works that will then go through social networks.

The operating method is clipping and the union of augmented reality through the images and the camera itself; and with which we have been able to play titles like Minecraft Earth or the new Angry Birds.

How this app called Weird Cuts works

Weird stuff

The app consists of two modes. One is the collage and the other is the clipping. In the clipping mode the app encourages us to walk with the mobile and go taking different images to turn them into the material that will be cut and transformed in different ways.

If we go to the collage mode, Weird Cuts allows us to assemble and organize the 3D clippings by moving them and pressing them on the screen. That is to say, it is here that the Augmented Reality experience generated by this app would totally enter.

Thanks to gestures we can manipulate those cuts. If we press and hold we can use the parameters of scale and rotation to leave the crop in the right place. In other words, we have basic tools for handling these augmented reality cuts and thus generate a multi-dimensional work experience of the combinations used.

As the developers indicate, the idea for this app comes from renowned artists such as Hannah Hoch, David Hockney, Gego (Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt), Ruth Asawa, Jean Arp and many others. And as we have said, it is a design app totally different from others and therefore has its place in these parts for those who need creative tools on their mobile.

From here we welcome experiences like the one offered by Weird Cuts and that proves that much remains to be done in terms of design and content creation; In fact, we have Adobe itself with new apps such as Adobe Photoshop Camera and Adobe Sensei is helped to procure other types of filters and striking effects to provide our photos with the magic of artificial intelligence applied to design and creativity.