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This could be the price of the Samsung folding

We have talked a lot about the terminal with folding screen of Samsung and other brands, but we have not really combined much about what will be the price of a team with these characteristics. Today we have a brief light on what it could be.

According to the Gizmodo page, the price of this smartphone will be around 2,000 or 2,600 dollars that are approximately 40 and 52 thousand Mexican pesos. Now it doesn't look so pretty anymore?

It is quite clear that the terminal is not aimed at the entire public, which personally, I think will substantially affect its market to expand. Samsung should be considering the idea of ​​being able to launch one of these at least with a price comparable to the Galaxy S10. Recall that these are rumors and that we only refer to Samsung, we will need to see the proposals that other manufacturers will bring for the first half of 2019.

Cut the information, but it has made us think maybe a little that we did not imagine those numbers right? T what do you think? Do you think being cheaper? Leave your comment at the bottom.