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The best way to pass photos and websites from your mobile to the computer is with the new Microsoft app

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced a massive update of the application Your telephone, an app that would be installed on Windows computers and improve integration with Android smartphones.

This new application has arrived and has become one of the best ways to pass photographs from our smartphone to our computer without sending them by email, using cloud hosting applications or instant messaging apps.

It is not as complete as the Dell solution we analyzed a few months ago but it is certainly practical and can be useful to perform the two tasks that at the moment allows us.

Upgrade: The update has been removed because it was not completely polished. The update and the app will be reserved for users who are inside Windows Insider, the company's beta program and will be compatible only with Redstone 5, the latest version in Windows 10 tests.

How the application is installed

To use this service we have to install the application on our Windows 10 computer. To do this we go to this link and download the app from the Microsoft store.

Microsoft improves the relationship of Windows and Android with a new app

Once installed we have to execute it and it will ask us to tell you our phone number to send us via SMS a link to download the mobile app. However, we can also install it directly from the Google Play Store:

Importantly, we need to have the update Microsoft RS5, through the Windows Insider program or waiting for it to arrive stably to our desktop operating system.

Passing photos and websites

Once we have the apps installed we can easily transfer the photos from our mobile to the computer without synchronizing external applications such as Dropbox, open parallel services or verify that multitasking has not canceled something on our mobile.

We can also send a web page from our mobile to the PC (for this it will not matter if we have the PC updated or not), in case we are reading something in particular and we want to continue on the computer. Of course, as is logical, the web browser that will open will be Edge, not Chrome or Firefox, in case we use any of those two.