The best Clash Royale cards to attack

The best Clash Royale cards to attack

Clash Royale Best Attack Cards

If you are fantastic of this excellent title, we will show you some cards that you can use to make the best attack in Clash Royale. These cards are indispensable in the decks as they will increase the attack considerably.

If you don't have good cards to attack in Clash Royale, your enemies can easily counter what you do and get a sure defeat. For this reason, See a list of the best cards you can have to increase your attack in the game and get more victories.

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The best of all: the Megaesbirro

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<p><span style=If you are looking for the best attack card, you should know that the Megabill is the best. You may add it as a support letter to any deck and with it you guarantee a large-scale attack. It is used in almost all the decks of the best players because it is very powerful.

Its strength and defense increase when placed behind a tank. Simply no card can counter this combination. When you know that your enemy has almost no elixir, you can combine the Megaesbirro with a Giant and so you can punish him harshly. Apart from its great attack strength, it also has good speed, has a great speed of movement and only cost you 3 to elixir.

If you see it in all aspects, the Megaesbirro is an incredible card. In addition, to achieve devastating attacks you just have to combine it with the Golem, the Giant, the Lava Hound or the pigs. With these combinations you will achieve a lethal attack.

Achieve an exceptional attack with the Leador

As second on the list we have the Reader. It is the card that has the fastest movement of this game and his attack speed is surprisingly high. With the Reader you can destroy any land card and with a card from a tank in front of the Reader you may have a lethal counterattack.

One of the deadliest skills of this card is that when the Leador is defeated he drops a wrath spell on the ground. This increases the movement and attack speed of your nearby troops by about 35%. With such an ability your enemy will have it really difficult when defending against any attack led by the Leador.

If you want to exploit the attack on this card, you can combine it in the decks with the Glem, the pigs or the Giant.

The Electric Wizard is a strong card in the attack of Clash Royale

Electro Wizard

This letter is from attack support, too strong and almost always used for you to stun the Infernal Dragn or your enemy's Inferno Tower. The Electric Wizard reduces the damage of the opponents because he throws a beam that becomes more powerful over time.

If your contestant has Inferno-type cards, the Electric Wizard is the main attack card you must have in your deck. It is a very important card, but it is not essential, its attack speed is tremendous but you can leave it as a support for large-scale attacks.

This card can be placed in all decks except for control decks. So think your attack move very well and where are you going to put the Electric Wizard.

Try the Night Witch card

Night witch