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The 5 best selling mobile phones of each continent in 2019

Comparativas de móviles: OnePlus vs Samsung

Mobile comparisons: OnePlus vs Samsung

Every mobile market is a world, and we have to understand this in order to understand, for example, why Chinese personalization layers bear a certain resemblance. They are made for the Asian market, not for the western one, and so it goes with some other aspects of the industry.

Today we are going to show you data about the mobiles that have sold the most in the different continents over the past year, and the truth is that the data is revealing, although we are sure that There is a region where you know which brand has starred in the top in sales.

The 5 best selling phones of each continent

Well, let's start with the easy thing. Which phones have been sold in North America? Well, as you imagined, and as the prestigious CounterPoint analyst has found out, they are all from Apple. The iPhone XR is in the lead – we must not forget that it was the best selling mobile of 2019 – followed by the iPhone 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XS Max occupying the last place. Apple dominates the United States, and also North America in general.

iPhone XR, screen

On the other hand, in Europe the Samsung A range has triumphed, since in the first place we have the Galaxy A50 —Which we analyzed at the time— followed by iPhone XR, iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A40. As you can see, the mid-range, and once again, Apple, have triumphed in Europe, and it doesn't surprise us due to Samsung's good work in this field.

If we go to Latin America, things change, since we don't find Apple anywhere. The phones that have succeeded point more to the low range than to the middle range, being the Galaxy A10 the most sold and followed by the Galaxy J2 Core, Moto E5 Play, Galaxy A20 and Galaxy J4 Core.

Samsung Galaxy A50 camera application

On the other hand, Africa has been completely dominated by Samsung, with the Galaxy A10 First of all — the best-selling Android mobile in 2019 — the Galaxy A2 Core, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A10S. Samsung is doing great this mid-range, and the results are good proof of that.

As for China and the Pacific area, we will say that cultural change is very noticeable, since these markets are dominated by Chinese brands, with OPPO leading the way in both markets. In the case of China, we don't even find Apple or Samsung, but the best selling phones are the OPPO A5, OPPO A9, VIVO Y93, VIVO Y93s and Huawei P30. For its part in the Pacific, at OPPO A5 they follow him Galaxy A50, iPhone XR, Galaxy A10 and Realme C2.