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Steve Wozniak may have taken the coronavirus to the US

Clebre for having created Apple together with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak usually shares multiple reflections on technology and food through his Twitter account, as well as details of his travels.

However, a message posted on Monday, March 2 was especially curious: the engineer, philanthropist and businessman also suggested that his wife, Janet Hill, might have been the person who took the coronavirus to the United States.

Checking Janet's strong cough. It started on January 4. We just returned from China and it is possible that we both would have been zero patients in the United States, he wrote on the social network, according to Digital Trends.

Judging by the information provided by the Swarm geolocation application, Steve Wozniak published the tweet from the West Coast Sports Institute, a healthcare center located in Santa Clara California, where it is inferred that his spouse received medical attention as a result of bronchopulmonary ailments.

On January 23, Apple co-founder tweets from his family home in Los Gatos, California, saying that both Janet and l were recovering from a virus contracted more than two weeks ago in Asia.

I doubt that it is coronavirus, since we have not been to Mexico (Corona), apparently it added in a festive tone.

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