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Save mobile data with these tips and applications

Holidays, photos to upload to Instagram, photos you receive on WhatsApp of all your friends who are also on vacation … Wow, what at first should serve to disconnect ends up becoming a excessive cost of mobile data. And of course, the rate does not reach the end of the month.

How to spend as much mobile data as possible? There is not much magic: it is best to turn off the smartphone and not use it. Now, after the most obvious solution, we can say that yes there are ways to save a few MB. In addition, the applications we have chosen will show you information added to your consumption, so you will have the option to adjust it even more.

Let us begin. What are the best apps to save mobile data on Android? We have selected the following.

Google Datally

Reduce your mobile data consumption with these tips and applications

This is our main choice: the app of Google Datally It is a wonder when it comes to saving mobile data. Developed initially for Android Go phones, with Datally you will have a huge amount of tools that culminates with a WiFi network search engine. But that is not what interests us most.

Once you accept the permissions and accesses that Google Datally needs (also the telephone one) you will have the most interesting button: «Configure data saving«. It is the button that appears in the main menu and with which the application manages to save data by activating a VPN or virtual private network. Thanks to it Google will compress everything you download so you spend less data on your rate. In addition, you will have complete graphs of use, data limiters… And the WiFi network search engine that we mentioned before: if you are on vacation abroad this will be very necessary.

Datally It is an excellent and safe application since it is from Google. You can download it free of charge from Google Play.

Samsung Max

Reduce your mobile data consumption with these tips and applications

This application changed from Opera Max, the browser's free VPN, to Samsung Max, an app from the South Korean manufacturer that is available for other smartphones. The main application is a VPN, just like Google Datally: this reduces the transfer of data between servers and your smartphone; achieving with it a reduction in the MB you download.

As with the Google application, Samsung Max offers you different tools that complement the mobile data saver. As a privacy guard to protect you from the excess of information that web applications and services collect. With this tool you will discover potentially dangerous installed applications.

There are many applications of this style in the Google Play Store, especially VPNs that promise to save a lot of mobile data. Our advice is that don't install them: Choosing Google Datally or Samsung Max you have more than enough. Both are safe and will not fill your mobile advertising.

Essential settings to save mobile data

Reduce your mobile data consumption with these tips and applications

Not enough with the previous applications? Here are a few tips that will save you mobile data. They may not be the panacea, but you know: everything adds up. And what you save will not be subtracted from the data rate, which is always important.