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Samsung and LG close factories in Korea for coronavirus

The coronavirus continues its expansion throughout the world and, although the death rate remains very low, the pandemic status remains active. Now we know that Samsung and LG close factories in South Korea because in both brands there are infected by the coronavirus.

It is not the first time that the news jumps where it is reported that Samsung has closed factories, but what changes now is that before it was by prevention, and now they are real cases among its employees.

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As we say, the other brand affected by the coronavirus is LG. Both have been forced to close factories in South Korea.

The closure of the LG factory directly affects Apple, since in that factory located in Gumi, it is where the manufacture of the iPhone camera modules. It has also been this past weekend, when one of his workers has been affected by the coronavirus.

Following with Samsung, the positive for coronavirus of a Samsung employee was reported in the morning of Sunday, although the data are known from Saturday. And, the Samsung factory is almost in the epicenter where the Coronavirus outbreak in South Korea, that is, in the city of Gumi.

It was in Daegu where the coronavirus pandemic began in South Korea, but between one city and another there is a short distance, and given how quickly the coronavirus is spread, it is not surprising that new cases continue to emerge.

Cleaning and disinfection work at the Samsung factory has already begun and in an official statement, it is reported that the area where the infected worked, will reopen next Tuesday.

This event translates into setbacks in the manufacturing of the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy S20 range that only a few days ago it was officially presented. This can be devastating for Samsung, as sales of the Galaxy S20 are not going as well as expected, and now with this event, sales can suffer even more.

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