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Nintendo is fashionable and its Miitomo app receives a great update

That the future of the old card maker is in mobile games is not something new, even they recognized it when they announced Mario for mobile devices.

Although Pokémon GO is the girl in Nintendo's eyes, the Japanese company does not neglect its other great mobile game, Miitomo, which receives a great update.

Pokémon GO It has been the jewel in the crown but in the company they do not want to put aside another project that although it did not have the success of this enormous adventure starring nice creatures it is still relevant. We talk about Miitomo, which is updated with numerous functions with the idea that players who left this app return.

Nintendo is in fashion and its Miitomo app receives a great update

Never alone

From now on at all times we will be accompanied by a person that we will have to design ex profeso for it. We do not have to be inspired by anything or anyone and we can create up to 100 of them being also useful because we can send them to visit our friends and they will have their own room.

further Our Mii can send messages directly and even change facial expression To better convey emotions.

Improving the social component

If there is something curious and fun in Miitomo it is to create our own aesthetic and with the improvements proposed in Style Channel Now we can share our creations with our friends. This will also be useful, as you can generate «My Nintendo» points.

Nintendo is in fashion and its Miitomo app receives a great update

Customization even on the walls

If we used to just change, we can now change our room style, being able to choose the color of the walls or floor. Is more even If there is a photo we have on our mobile and we like it very much we can use it as a poster in the room.

It remains to be seen that all this is enough to have the audience that the game had in its first month of appearance, especially since something similar is what Pokémon GO seems to need.

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