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Making Easy Difficult, Also on iPad

Making Easy Difficult, Also on iPad

Cuadernos Rubio adapts to current digital media

Cuadernos Rubio has shown that he knows innovation well and has adapted its forms and values ​​to the new digital environment that gives us around us, staring at the future and progress, being already a great reference in the education of our country.

Who does not remember to get down to work during his childhood with the well-known notebooks? Today the brand continues transmitting its philosophy through the supports that have developed during the last years: with renewed notebooks inside and outside, its newly released e-commerce platform or the app for iPad and iPad Mini.

With the launch of its iPad app, Book us, in June 2012 He brought to his land the needs that society and the new technological era demanded. During 2013 the leap of the brand to digital media has resulted in a new e-commerce where it has managed to give continuity to the values, motivation and methodology that has historically transmitted among the smallest. In its new website it is possible to find all the collections of notebooks: by discipline, by languages ​​and by ages and the new packs that combine these collections in a varied way.

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<h3>iCuadernos, the Rubio iPad app</h3>
<p>For its part, iCuadernos has moved the Rubio methodology and his passion for the art of learning to a <strong>enjoyment and entertainment support as is the iPad</strong>. Thanks to his bho-tutor, who at all times acts as a guide through the application, a total independence of the children is achieved. And this is also reinforced by 20 different levels of difficulty in which motivation and rewards after each achievement become, little by little, an essential part of your personal development.</p>
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<p>Children start by creating their own profile that they can customize and that <strong>as they go forward serve as a reference to parents</strong>, so that you can track your evolution and progress in learning.</p>

<p>The application is <strong>Recommended for children between 3 and 12 years old</strong>, available in 3 different languages ​​(Spanish, Catalan and English) and consists of four collections: with operations exercises, mathematical problems, coloring screens and educational advice. It is <strong>free</strong> from the day it was launched and its use can be complemented with the purchase of specific notebooks of the brand's collections.</p>
<p>Always without losing the essence and personality that characterizes him, <strong>Cuadernos Rubio has managed to continue cultivating the art of learning and making the difficult easy</strong>. Thanks to new supports and new lands to explore.</p>