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IPadizate Da App: Djay2

Djay2 for iPad and iPad Mini

Are you a professional, amateur DJ, are you learning to be or just like to be the life of the party? Then do not miss today's app: djay2, suitable for all those who seek turn your iPad or iPad Mini into a DJ controller. Mix, synchronize, add loops, effects, sounds, samples and all without leaving the screen, let your fingers flow through the attractive and intuitive interface of djay2 and the music does not stop.

If you don't know how a DJ works, Enjoy learning for yourself with what djay2 offers you, the hours will be spent flying to the rhythm of electronic music testing and testing all the functions that the Algoriddim boys offer you with their app. And if you are already in the DJ world, do not worry, your hours will be spent just flying with your toy, you will not miss the home controllers and you can prepare your sessions without getting up from the sofa.

Djay2 can be used both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to visualize a track or two (if you are in landscape mode). The interface we find is simple and straightforward, it offers us what we need.

With djay2 silence is not an option in your party, let it turn the atmosphere into a disco

Select from your library the list of songs and get ready to load the dishes. Use the Mix bar to move from one song to another or let both sound, or if you prefer, let the Automix do the work for you.

Enjoy the colors, djay2 introduces the HD Waveforms, which allows you to interact with the songs simultaneously, observe how it colors each instrument of the song, as well as the parts of the song, let the colors take you to the chorus.

Browse the new library and find the next song to click, check the history and make sure you don't repeat songs.

Play with the colorful Drum Pad and Add predefined effects and sounds to your mixes, or show your creativity and create your own samples, make each song unique by giving it your touch and don't let the public stop moving.


Djday2 has full integration with iCloud and AirplayIt also supports numerous MIDI controllers, allowing you to use your iPad as a professional DJ station with physical controls. It also has a special adapter that allows you to dopre-cueing, that is to say, listen to a different song than the one you're playing.

Undoubtedly a perfect app with which to spend hours entertaining and entertaining with all your music and your DJ skills.