Huawei feeds the wait: post a video about the P30 family

Huawei feeds the wait: post a video about the P30 family

"P for Photography", or why Huawei puts this letter in the name of one of its high-end cell phones

Scar Gutirrez / CNET screenshot

Apple, Huawei, Samsung and other manufacturers use a letter in the names of some of their cell phones; But do we know why? Huawei, at least, explains it to us.

The official page of Huawei Romania on Facebook published this week a video to increase the wait for the new cell phones of the company. The video shows nothing new about the expected P30 family, but it does mention why it carries the letter P in the name.

Almost at the end of the video, the ad says "P for Photography," referring to the cell phone carrying the letter P for the word photography in English. That said, it is important to highlight that Huawei makes dramatic changes in photography subjects in its high-end cell phones, especially for those of the P. family.

Like the Mate, the P family uses the camera and photographic technology of Leica, one of the most respected companies in professional photography. The Huawei P30 Pro, the most equipped version of these new phones is expected to launch later this month, have an innovative 10x optical zoom, which will allow better photographs of distant objects.

The rest of the video is only the appearance of the letter P and the numbers 30, confirming the name of the cell phone, and also a phone covered by a blue blanket is seen. The Huawei P30, in at least three versions, will be announced with all fanfare on March 26 in Paris, France.

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