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How to get Max Stars in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Max Stars

Mario Kart Tour is a game that has caused a stir since its arrival in the mobile universe. Without a doubt, Nintendo is betting strongly in this sector of the market. And this time, we will explain how to get Max Stars in Mario Kart Tour.

The superstars are the element of the game with which the cups are unlocked. Thanks to them we can play all the circuits and get juicy prizes in the gifts of the season. In case you were wondering, the Max Stars are obtained depending on your performance in each race.

So you can win Max Stars in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Challenges

The maximum number of superstars you can win in a game is 4 and the minimum is 1. However, you also may not get any for your bad performance on the race track. So If you want to win Max Stars in Mario Kart Tour, skidding and jumping will help you get it. Similarly, you can also obtain them by doing the following:

  • Participate in the special challenges of each circuit to win a maximum of 3 Maxiestrellas ms.
  • Participate in as many challenges as you can. If you have already passed the first 7 cups you will have access to these challenges that Mxiestrellas give, among other prizes, as immediate rewards.
  • put attention to Daily Challenges and Seasonal Challenges. Both are easy to get and in the long run they represent a good amount of Star Stars.
  • Earn points by improving your characters, vehicles and hang gliders to get these Max Stars. One is only suitable for patients!

As you could see, all the ways to get Max Stars can be achieved with constancy and with a daily participation in Mario Kart Tour. If you apply everything to the letter, you will get more superstars in less time than most of your rivals.

Mario Kart Tour

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And t Are you ready to grow as a Mario Kart Tour player?