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Google explains what Titan is and what it is for

There are several applications in the digital world that have wanted to maximize their security measures, either because the digital world is becoming increasingly dangerous or because the circulation of data and information is becoming the new gold.

The truth is that methods such as biometric markers for screen unlocks or two-step authentication are the basis for thinking about greater security of electronic devices.

That is why Google launched the Titan security keys in Spain, which are not a lockable key, rather it is a USB that is already used in Mountain View for employees of the technology giant, and that serve as an additional authentication factor to protect our online accounts.

These particular keys have public key cryptography to verify your identity and the URL of the login page.

Google Cloud Titan

Titan also uses FIDO technology, "Standard public key cryptography techniques to provide stronger authentication.During registration in an online service, the user's client device creates a new key pair.Keep the private key and register the public key with the online service.Authentication is done through the client device that demonstrates the possession of the private key of the service. The client's private keys can only be used after the user unlocks them locally on the device.Local unlocking is achieved through an easy-to-use and safe action, such as swiping a finger, entering a PIN, speaking on a microphone, inserting a second factor device or pressing a button. ”

Finally, this device opens the possibility of having a physical USB to manage my security and to be able to enter applications that require me more privacy, such as messaging applications, without any problems.

Ideal for executives, journalists, lawyers and people who need to protect their data.

The price of Titan is between 45 and 55 euros (approximately 48 and 59 dollars), depending on the version you choose, because we have one with a pack with a Bluetooth / NFC / USB key and another USB-A / NFC, and it is also The Titan USB-C will be available soon in the market.

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