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Get the level pair in the casual Stickman Trick Soccer

Stickman Trick Soccer is a new casual from Djinworks and in which he brings us back to the renowned stickman who this time is seen with a soccer ball and the goal where he has to score a sound goal.

An interesting casual with levels designed by hand in which we must ensure that the trajectory of the shot is adequate to get close enough to the goal and be able to take the last shot. A game that has to see a lot with golf for that of the pair.

Get a goal in the least number of shots

Like the levels are going to be a bit extensive, we will need in Stickman Trick Soccer of our ability to ensure that the goals are achieved with the least number of shots of the ball.

As gaming is quite known, and like many others like Angry Birds, we must measure the angle and trajectory of the shot well before rushing it. The ball will slow down a lot in speed when you step on the ground, so we have to try until we hit the right key to score goals without needing 5 or more shots in advance.

And as the levels are designed by hand, we will have to be smarter than their designer to try to reach a single shot goal. That will not be something epic, but it has its difficulty. Although it is true that in most levels we will need from one to three shots to reach the desired goal.

Go level with Stickman Trick Soccer

The thing is you look at the level pair to get an idea of the hits you need to complete the level with the necessary stars. In golf the pair is the number of strokes with which you have to make the hole, so here we are in the same, although we must always try to lower the pair in order to improve our score.

So in broad strokes is the Stickman Trick Soccer gameplay and in which the levels also have their problems. From spikes that explode the ball to areas of water where it will be submerged to have to shoot the ball from it.

We also have to take advantage of some mechanics such as they are the windmills, the wheels or the trampolines to lower the level pair and thus progress properly in the game. Let's say we have enough elements so that we are curious to know what awaits us at the next level. And this is where we go to the technical realization of Stickman Trick Soccer.

Visually very attractive

Stickman Trick Soccer

Between that the levels are designed by hand, and that Stickman Trick Soccer is a game very well recreated graphically, we are curious to continue progressing. It is true that those flat colors and those effects in 3D volume, with a well chosen pastel color palette, give a more than interesting gaming experience for a casual well entertained puzzle.

As we said, visually this game earns a lot. Yes it is true that the sound of the moment of the goal can scare many, but otherwise the game is very well worked. It stands out above all for the looks of the levels and the detail in the graphics. While the object physics of the ball is not bad, although sometimes we would like to be able to better manage the trajectory so that they were not so aggressive.