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EU wants all phones to carry removable battery

EU wants all phones to carry removable battery

With the argument of making the mobile phone industry more sustainable, the European Union seeks to make the batteries of all mobile phones extractable.

The proposal will be presented in mid-March by Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission. The initiative is part of the Green Pact, which combines strategies to suppress carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

The executive body of the agency is adding the final touches to the proposal, which () will require a wider recycling of the product, the reuse of the raw material and a more sustainable production, informed XDA Developers.

Citing a draft originally disclosed by the Dutch financial publication Het Financieele Dagblad (FD), the media claimed that easier battery replacements will allow people to use their smartphones for longer, thus generating less electronic waste.

Certainly, the change in the source of power was not long ago something quite widespread in the industry, unlike today, which represents an exception. For the rest, it is a complicated or rightly impossible procedure to be tackled by a user without knowledge or technical instruments, with which the guarantee of the product is even called into question.

XDA Developers recalled that the report comes only a couple of weeks after the EU voted to force smart phone manufacturers to adopt USB Type-C as a standard port on all devices.

For the supranational entity, the responsibility of reducing electronic waste lies with the brands, which must ensure that their devices are easy to repair and that spare parts are readily available, which will encourage survival (and often a second opportunity) of the terminals.

In addition, Timmerman has also proposed an EU-wide ban on the destruction of unsold items, which promote the reuse of raw materials and reduce the export of waste to other countries, he added.

Along the same lines, the EU will promote a collection system for phones, tablets and chargers, and the recycling of packaging materials, which will be complemented by limiting the use of microplastics in products and packaging.

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