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Cliff Bleszinski says he has finished making video games

After the closure of Lawbreakers developer Boss Key Productions earlier this year, the head of the Cliff Bleszinski studio mentioned that instead of jumping to another project, he will be spending time with his family and reflecting on what might happen next. . As a result, it is probably not a video game.

In response to a fantastic who was upset about the lack of reimbursements for the now disappeared thieves of the law and that much of that money had been wasted, Bleszinski tweets that the money goes to pay 401k employees, medical care and compensation after Boss Key closed. "I didn't take a salary for myself for two years," he said. (He mentions the payment of these employee expenses for "months" after closing, although an employee responded by saying that his own separation was only for three weeks. "Maybe we used the hipboball," Bleszinski replied.

Then I went to an informal ad. "I understand that you are sad, but God, this guy is another reason why I am NEVER making another game."

While that may seem frivolous, then confirm That was not just a casual comment. "I'm done," he said. This will mark the end of Bleszinski's career during decades in the video game industry, which includes working on games such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal Tournament and Gears of War in Epic Games, along with the creation of Lawbreakers in Boss Key.

The failure of law violators in the market was probably a blow to everyone involved, and I can see how he could get someone away from the stress of creating a game and running a studio for a while. Still, it's amazing to see Bleszinski give up video games.