You can now play GeForce Now on your Android for free

You can now play GeForce Now on your Android for free

GeForce Now Android

Streaming game services seem to have become the future of video games. We have already been able to see what Google Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming offer, but now we have new news for you. And is that You can now play GeForce Now on your Android mobile, totally free. So don't miss this article to discover how to do it.

NVIDIA GeForce Now, the main competition for Google Stadia

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia recently launched its GeForce Now cloud gaming service and has already been planted as part of the future of the games along with Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia. This new service allows you to stream games to multiple devices, without installation. And best of all, now you can play it on your Android phone.

In addition, Nvidia's GeForce Now service has apparently attracted many more players than its great rival, Google Stadia. This could be mainly due to the fact that offers a free option, And if that were not enough, you can also enjoy the titles you have purchased in stores such as Epic Games or Steam.

How to play GeForce Now for free from your Android phone

Play GeForce Now

Playing GeForce Now on Android can be much easier than you can imagine. Simply comply with the steps that we will detail below:

  • Enter the Google Play Store and download the app from NVIDIA GeForce Now.
  • When you open the app, you will see a welcome screen in which you should accept the terms and conditions of use of the platform.
  • If you already have a GeForce ID You can login.
  • Otherwise, click on the button Join today. This will take you to the Nvidia website, where you can create an account.
  • Once you have created your account, a screen of Login
  • Enter your email and password. You can also log in with your Google or Facebook account.
  • Click on Android cone, To start transmitting from your mobile.
  • This will take you back to Google Play. Once there, click on Open one more time
  • Click on the option Sign in
  • Re-enter registration information that you set up on the website and voila.

Joining for free gives you Standard access and a session duration of one hour. You can also register as Founder for 5.49 euros per month for 12 months. This gives you priority access, extended session duration, RTX activated and a free introductory period for 90 days.

And what are you waiting for to start enjoying GeForce Now?