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What the powerful Huawei MediaPad Pro 5G tablet offers us



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An ultra-thin borderless screen, the world's first of its kind, is the novelty of the Huawei MediaPad Pro 5G tablet. This was stated in Barcelona during the presentation of the product by the CEO of Consumer Business Group of the firm, Richard Yu.

In all the most fluid life scenarios with Huawei AI, the MatePad is very important. In the past, it was for entertainment, but today it is also for business. With a new design, it provides more comfort and efficiency, seal.

The Chinese manufacturer said that the product has other features that make it unique: it is the most powerful 5G tablet in the industry and the only one with wireless and reversible charging, so it operates as a battery for other devices.

Other outstanding features are its multi-screen collaborative mode, thanks to which it is possible to reproduce the phone screen on it, all through the very entertaining Drag and Drop function.

Among its relevant tools are the Smart Magnetic wireless keyboard, the M-Pencil and Notepad functionality.

The 10.8-inch screen of the MediaPad Pro 5G covers 90 percent of its surface. The remaining 10 percent corresponds to its bezels, reduced to 4.9 mm. Every dark or bright detail looks vivid and clear with its range of DCI-P3 kinematic level colors and its brightness of 540 nits, the company said.

It is available with vegan skin in two options of ?colors of nature?, as the Asian tech giant called them: Forest Green and Orange.

From its exterior "elegantly designed to be portable and durable", Huawei highlighted its thin structure and its weight of 492 grams. The invisible antenna formula "provides an elegant and pure appearance, while the subtle micro-curve frame adapts ergonomically to your hands."

Inside, it has an EUV 7nm + Kirin 990 5G processor with 5G modem. "With innovative architectures of three levels of efficiency, the MatePad Pro 5G has a much improved performance and greater energy efficiency," he said.

Its ultrathin 3D graphite heat dissipation technology allows you to ?easily face the challenges in the 5G era?, that is, transmit or download ultra-HD videos at high speed, run demanding 3D graphics games.

The MediaPad Pro 5G was introduced as the ?first tablet in the world that supports wireless charging of 27 W and reverse wireless charging of up to 7.5 W?. Your 40W SuperCharge battery can provide up to 11 hours of duration.

The collaborative mode is another plus. Once paired, the smart phone "enters" into the tablet and merges. ?The mobile screen is projected on the tablet, which allows to operate on a larger screen with greater freedom. Now you can make calls, send messages and view photos from the phone on the tablet screen, ?Huawei said.

With the Drag and Drop function, you can ?drag and drop files between the two devices and edit them while chatting with friends on the phone using the same keyboard?.