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This is my new favorite Android launcher

One of the things we like most about Android is the ability to customize. No two phones are the same, and part of the responsibility comes the launchers, desks that allow us to have the home screen to our liking.

However, finding a new launcher is increasingly difficult. The domain of Nova Launcher and the multiple alternatives of Pixel Launcher they make personalization more in the hands of their own adjustments than of risky bets. And this launcher has made me fall in love.

AIO Launcher is my new home screen

It is not that it is very customizable, but it has a style that has attracted my attention from the first moment. AIO is a launcher that moves away from the typical concept of Android home screen To try something new.

At the time of installation we have a single column that moves vertically which shows the time, recent applications, calendar and little else, plus a floating search button. If we slide to the left there is the application menu, and if we press and hold the search button a button for the settings will appear.

This is where launcher customization begins. We have a series of "widgets" own launcher with utilities. Some are free while for others we will have to go through the paid version. Some functions are free, while others are paid.

There are useful widgets such as having direct access to timers (which do not ring if you have the phone in silence, by the way), the calendar, or a dialer from which we can dial a number from the launcher itself (which will then make the call from your phone application). Some very curious widgets are the power read tweets or your latest Telegram messages from the launcher.

In my case I have ended up making the wallpaper completely opaque, leaving the black background, something that helps save battery (but not much) if your mobile has AMOLED screen, although in my case more than the battery saving is because it looks very cool like that.

AIO Launcher is a free application without advertising, with a single payment of 2.69 euros to unlock all customization options. Something I paid with the Google Opinion balance without disheveled.