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These secure browsers will maximize your privacy

Although speed and ease of use are important issues to consider when looking for a new browser, it is also important to find the right browser for your privacy needs. Our selection of the best secure browsers includes a wide variety of privacy features.

Secure browsers

In fact, think of our first option: Brave. This browser contains many of the same features as other better known ones, but its emphasis on privacy and security really makes it stand out. Functions such as default and customizable settings that allow you to block things like ads, crawlers and malware make Brave a particularly useful browser to protect your privacy. And if Brave is not the ideal browser for you, we invite you to continue reading and take a look at other excellent options to take care of your privacy.


The best browser for privacy


Brave's long list of security and privacy features gives us enough reasons to deserve first place in our list of the best privacy-safe browsers. However, there are some functions that are worth highlighting, such as its automatic updates of the HTTPS connection, its ability to block ads and scripts and manage cookies and its native password manager. You can even customize your security settings by site or throughout the browser. And if you're curious to see exactly how well Brave blocks unwanted content and crawlers, you can simply check the blocking statistics.

Even if you're not interested in customizing your settings, Brave's default settings are quite effective, as it automatically blocks things like phishing and malware.


The best browser to customize your privacy


Firefox is a great option for those who want to be very specific in their handling of the privacy and security settings of their browser. While Mozilla places a strong emphasis on its default settings and the fact that it provides strong privacy protection from the moment of installation, you can still customize a fairly complete list of privacy and security settings that include features such as the ability to block third-party cookies and trackers and the level of security you want.

If you want total security, you can choose the option of Strict, which absolutely blocks all trackers it detects. You can also use the option Standard which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: a better performance and trackers block. In addition, Firefox tracking protections are activated by default even when you use their Private Browsing Mode.


The best browser for maximum security


If you are looking for a browser that has thought about everything related to security, Tor Browser may be what you need. This browser takes care of your security concerns to the smallest detail. (Seriously. Even when you try to maximize your browser window, Tor Browser warns you that it can make you vulnerable to someone tracking the size of your screen, and recommending that you change it to its default, smaller size.)

Tor also offers security measures such as automatic deletion of history and cookies when you finish browsing, blocking third-party trackers and protection that includes three levels of encryption for your network traffic.


The best secure browser for your Mac

Safari / Apple Inc. site

Apple presumes that its own browser, Safari, is the best browser for your Mac, and you can definitely be right, at least in terms of security and privacy features. According to Apple, Safari uses machine learning to avoid tracking your personal data, including your browsing history. Safari is able to do this because it uses machine learning to detect advertisers and other crawlers and then eliminate its cross-site tracking data. In addition, Safari offers other useful security features, including: process isolation, warnings for dangerous sites, private browsing and self-generation of strong passwords that can be automatically applied and stored for all of a user's Apple devices.

Safari also works with iCloud Keychain, an optional feature that allows you to store and autocomplete sensitive data (such as usernames, passwords, credit card information and social media keys) for any specific device you have approved. The best part of the iCloud Keychain is that it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your sensitive data. That encryption does not give access to Apple.

Microsoft Edge

Alternative option

a screenshot of a black page with blank letters from microsoft edge

Currently, you can download the latest version of Microsoft's flagship browser on platforms other than Windows, including MacOS, iOS and Android. Which means that the new Microsoft Edge could be a great alternative to browsers like Firefox or the default MacOS browser, Safari, as it seems to provide customizable privacy options that are similar to Firefox.

Like Firefox, you can choose between three ?tracking prevention? options for your privacy (Basic, Balanced or Strict). You can also customize the permissions of the site, such as cookies, location requests and advertisements.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge also comes with a feature known as Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which is enabled by default. According to Microsoft, this feature can protect your computer from fake sites and download malicious files. In addition, SmartScreen will let you know if the site you are trying to visit may be insecure.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on February 24, 2020.

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