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These are the best smartphones for doing business

If you are an executive who travels a lot and does not have a fixed office, having a phone that performs at the right times is essential. If you are looking for equipment that fits perfectly with these requirements, you may not be sure how to leave. Therefore, we show you the best smartphones to do business that you can buy.

A person checks a graph on one of the best smartphones for doing business.

If you are an executive who travels a lot and you don't have a permanent desk, your needs are very different from those of an artist or musician who needs to be able to show his work to potential clients. Depending on your needs, the phone you choose can transform the way you work.

To help you, we have examined some of the best smartphones, and we have paid special attention to those devices that come with special functions to help in business, that offer excellent value for money, or that simply stand out in different areas for their utility and functions.

For those who want their phone to work as hard as they do, and to provide some additional functions to start their work day hard, here are some of the best smart phones for business, for each price range.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

A person points the screen of their Galaxy Note 10 phone with their S Pen. We reveal all the secrets of the Galaxy Note 10 phone.

The best phone for business

Why should you buy it ?: Why do you want a solid phone with good features for a variety of businesses.

Who is it for ?: For seriously busy people who need a pocket productivity engine.

Equipped with Android 10, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the best business smartphones, with the powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, a spectacular cudruple camera, and the iconic S Pen digital pencil. It has almost everything you would want in a modern smart phone and, although it has some weak points, it is simply one of the best phones today.

It also comes with 12 GB of RAM and with two internal memory options, 256 GB and 512 GB, as well as a MicroSD slot to expand. The battery is not left behind in power with its 4,300 mAh, in addition to the artificial intelligence that lets you know when we use it more and help us to prolong its duration. As if that were not enough, it is equipped with wireless charging and fast charging.

But what makes the Galaxy Note 10 Plus our choice for the best business phone is that it is packed with useful features. The huge 6.3-inch AMOLED screen can display a lot of information and you can use the S Pen to write notes, even when the screen is off. But that is not all. The S Pen of Note 10 is not just a pencil, but can also be used to display a variety of useful functions, several of them related to taking pictures and videos. Its possibilities are much broader, since third-party apps can also make use of these gestures.

While Bixby is still not the best smart phone assistant, it has received several updates in the past, such as the ability to recognize and scan documents in Bixby Vision with Adobe scanning support. It is also compatible with the dual SIM card, which is ideal for users who travel constantly, and for anyone with a commercial phone number.

Another advantage is that with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus the DeX mode can be activated and connected with a standard USB cable to a laptop with Windows or Macbook. Just as you zoom into an image, you can do the same with the phone's microphone to listen more clearly to a conversation or distant conversation, reducing ambient noise.

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS is one of the best cell phones to do business.

The best iPhone for business.

Why should you buy it ?: Because it is an incredibly powerful, capable, and large screen phone.