The Uber service may have a new rival!

As we know, the arrival of Uber in the country of Mexico has made a complete difference in terms of the public transport service and the little security that this means offers us. However, not everything is honey flakes, apparently the private transport service began to present vulnerabilities which generate distrust of users.

This is why other applications began to emerge to be able to compete with the Uber platform as they areCabify, Avant, or City drive, whose objective is to offer users a safe and reliable service. Similarly, there are other platforms such as Yaxi e Easy Taxi that join forces to position themselves above Uber.

Through a statement the alliance of both Latin applications was announced, then we present it to you:

Easy Taxi and Yaxi announce their merger to mark a total change in the mobility of Mexico City. This will result in a better service for users; better job opportunities and a stronger mobility option for the 20 million Mexicans who travel in Mexico City.

This union will mix the technology of both platforms to optimize and create a new application. In turn, the announcement ensures that the drivers' economy will be improved, as it may increase the demand in this new business model in which both applications will join to expand the reach of users in Mexico City.

Despite this, certain important details about whether the two applications will continue to work independently, or will join under the same name, are still unknown. It is not known at what time the merger will take place, nor how the rates will be. It is likely that over time we will know more official information about it.

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