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The Types of Ms Apps Used During 2013

The Types of Ms Apps Used During 2013

All Appshan categories have grown in use in the last twelve months

If at the end of the year what is usually done are lists of the highlights, at the beginning they usually make an analysis of what they assumed the previous 12 months. Following this trend, we have before us the analysis of the most used applications in 2013.

The Flurry analysis company has published in its blog what have been the most used applications, after take into account about 400,000. The company collects that the general use of apps has grown in the last year or 115% compared to previous years.

As you can see in the graph prepared by Flurry (below), the applications that have grown the most in terms of use they have been those of messenger and social networks and those of utilities and productivity.

Messenger and social applications are the most used in 2013

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<p>The Flurry Analytics study concludes that the applications most used throughout the past year have been those of messenger and social character. It is not surprising after <strong>launch and promotion of various messenger apps</strong> Instant like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk or SnapChat to name a few (although not all were released in 2013).</p>
<p>This increase may be due to the need for people to be connected with others and the need they have for <strong>do it privately</strong>, without the publicity that can be given on social networks where people can read what you write.</p>
<p>In addition to being able to communicate directly with contacts on the agenda, <strong>some applications are shown as a platform in themselves</strong> and offer other services. In this way, for example, we have the Japanese LINE that offers games and photo editing apps, or the Chinese WeChat, which also advertises for the sale of smartphones (this application and the Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi have an agreement).</p>
<h3>The use of productivity applications is triggered</h3>
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<p>More and more people have their tablet or smartphone as a personal computer. Hence they need to be downloaded <strong>applications that help them with their day to day</strong>. In this way they will be giving more useful use to the devices, in addition to having them to be an element of leisure and entertainment.</p>
<p>In this way, productivity and profit applications have experienced a <strong>149% growth</strong>compared to other years. Thus they become the second most used type, according to Flurry's analysis.</p>
<p>Applications like Evernote or Quip, with paths <strong>updates in sophistication and usability</strong>, have been able to help this growth.</p>
<p>As you can see, the world of applications is increasingly complex when used by millions and millions of people. So much so that on December 31, says the blog of Flurry Anlytics, it is tracked at 11.59 p.m. <strong>Record 4.7 billion sessions of apps in a single day</strong>, for a total of 1,126 billion sessions in a whole year. We will be waiting to see if this year this data is exceeded.</p>
<p>Main Image | John Karakatsanis</p>