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The best TV offers of Black Friday 2018.

Black Friday season is probably the best and smartest little of the year to buy a new TV. It is between this and at some point around the Super Bowl, when prices also tend to fall. A ton of retailers offer special offers such as televisions priced at less than $ 200. As tempting as those "offers" may seem, it is worth remembering that you are likely to have a television for several years. Even for secondary sets, it is worth spending a little more to get something to be a pleasure to see.

Nothing on this list is a waste of your money. If you can opt for an LG OLED, that is obviously the way to go. Second, it will recommend the TCL 6 series or the Vizio P series. We still have to formally review the latter, but I can say that it offers exceptional image quality. Beyond that, you have the normal P series and then Samsung, Sony and the rest.

Some offers only start nearby or Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday; I have tried to mention it when applicable. In terms of availability, these TVs are very likely to enter and sell out in many of these retailers in the next few days. We will do our best to keep the list updated with the best television deals we found.


LG C8P Series 77-inch HDR UHD Smart OLED TV for $ 6,996.99 at B&H Photo (typically $ 8,996.99) LG C8P Series 65-inch HDR UHD Smart TV for $ 2,596.99 at B&H Photo (typically $ 3,496.99) TV LG C8P Series 55-inch Smart HDR OLHD OLED for $ 1,696.99 in B&H Photo or Newegg (typically $ 2,496.99) LG B8P 65-inch HDR UHD Smart OLED TV for $ 2,399.99 in B&H Photo (typically $ 3,296.99) 55-inch LG B8P HDR UHD Smart OLED TV for $ 1,596.99 at B&H Photo (usually $ 2,296.99)


P-Series 16-inch Quantum HD TV and 4K for $ 1,499.99 at Best Buy or Lens (typically $ 2,099.99) P-Series 4K HDR TV (65 inches) for $ 899.99 at Best Buy (typically $ 1,199.99) 4K HDR TV P series (55 inches) for $ 649.99 at Best Buy (usually $ 799.99) M Series 4K HDR TV (65 inches) for $ 899.99 at B&H Photo (usually $ 999.99) M Series 4K HDR TV (55 inches) for $ 529.99 in B&H Photo (usually $ 699.99) 4K HDR TV series E (50 inches) for $ 350 at Dell with a $ 100 gift card (starts 22/22 at 3 pm ET)


6 65-inch 4K HDR TV for $ 899.99 at Best Buy (usually $ 969.99) 65S4 4K HDR TV for $ 400 at Walmart (from 11/21 online and 11/22 in the store)


Q7F Series 65-inch 4K HDR QLED TV for $ 1,795 in B&H Photo (usually $ 3,997.99) 65-inch QLED 4K HDR TV Q6F Series for $ 1,297.99 at Best Buy (typically $ 1,799.99) $ 697.99 at Newegg (usually $ 1,399.99) NU8000 Series 75-inch 4K HDR TV for $ 1,597.99 at Best Buy (typically $ 2,299.99) NU8000 Series 65-inch 4K HDR TV for $ 997.99 at Best Buy (typically $ 1,299.99 ) 49-inch 4K HDR TV from the NU8000 series for $ 597.99 at Best Buy (usually $ 799.99)


X850F 65-inch 4K HDR TV for $ 999.99 at Best Buy (usually $ 1,399.99)


55-inch Roku TV in 4K HDR for $ 250 at Best Buy (Black Friday and in-store only)