The 5 basics to buy a tablet


The 5 basics to buy a tablet

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May 27, 2015


We are aware that Buying a tablet is usually not a simple process for the vast majority of us and that is why we return with a help article to try to make things a little easier for you. Five basic aspects, five questions we must answer to choose correctly among the huge multitude of options. How much? For what? What? When? Where? Each and every one of them will reduce the possibilities until being in a small group where making a determination is a mere procedure.

This article is aimed especially at those who have a shoestring budget. If we have a comfortable amount of money to buy a new tablet, everything is solved more simply, since there are not so many high-end options and the decision is based more on personal tastes. Even so, we believe that the following issues may also be helpful for these cases, especially if they are not "very put" in the subject.

Those who more or less constantly follow the evolution of the market, will have a preconceived idea that surely already takes into account many of the aspects that we will touch next. But this is not the case of the vast majority, which is currently introduced from the tablet market sporadically when you want to buy your first tablet or renew your old computer. We already show you tools such as this interactive table that can be very useful but sometimes does not take into account many of the models that might interest us.

How much?

It seems obvious but we must be clear how much money we want to spend in the purchase Normally it is better to handle in margins than in an exact figure, because by small differences we can find something that better meets our needs and we do not end up leaving our abandoned tablet at the first exchange. The possibilities are enormous although basically we will have to make the decision of whether we want a more pointer device (high-end), one that shows its face without reaching the prices of the previous ones (mid-range) or a basic device that meets the most everyday functions (basic range or low range).

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For what?

Once we have a clear budget, we have to set goals for the new purchase. This question goes hand in hand with the previous one since we cannot pretend to get a powerful professional tablet with a low budget. If we want to spend little we have to know that the device will be limited, at least in certain aspects. However, this question has several possible answers

  • I want my tablet to work / study: in which case it will be important to have accessories such as keyboards and support cases, as well as USB connectivity for peripherals such as a mouse. It is also usually key that has sufficient power to execute typical tools and, as the case may be, a large screen may be the most appropriate.
  • I want my tablet to consume multimedia: The multimedia section of a tablet is usually the most important. Quality screen and altar resolution, sound, high performance processor and sufficient RAM are essential to enjoy series / movies or play the numerous titles of official stores.
  • I want my tablet to browse, check email and social networks: It is another of the most demanded profiles and the easiest to find at a low price since the previous two usually carry a higher associated cost. It will be enough with a team that offers a good experience, fluid and with a personalization layer, in the case of having it, well optimized.

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Once we have defined in broad strokes what we want, it is necessary to deepen a little more and focus on specific aspects of the specifications. Within productive tablets, do I prefer more power or a better screen? To play, better Android, iOS or Windows? To navigate, do I need a higher RAM or give priority to the design? They are just some examples of dilemmas that may arise. A few weeks ago we carefully analyzed all these sections that usually compose the technical sheet of each device in which you have to look. We recommend that you go over and read it carefully, because it will help you to understand much better what this whole dance of numbers that describe a tablet means. If on the other hand, you already have a reference model and you want to face it to another, in the category of “comparatives” of Tablet Zone We have many combinations, you may find yours.

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Timing is almost always important, and not only in sports or politics. It is important to reduce the cost of a device or find the best possible offer to handle times well. For example, the new iPads are presented every year in the fall, if we are in summer, it is surely convenient for us to wait, it will be to get the latest model and that ours is not in the background immediately, or to acquire the model of the previous course at a cheaper price. With the rest of the manufacturers there is not a calendar so marked but always keep in mind these three events: CES of Las Vegas (January), Mobile World Congress of Barcelona (March) and IFA of Berlin (September). Also, marked in red, there must be events like the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, since almost all the companies of the sector launch some type of reduction in some of their devices.

Again, this question has to be taken into account as the previous one. So important is when and where if we want to find the best offer. The first option is always the official stores: Google Play in the case of the Nexus (although right now only the Nexus 9 is available), Microsoft Store for Surface, Apple Store if we want an iPad. But usually they are not the best prices. It is advisable to review all available options such as Amazon or Pc Components, also physical stores like MediaMarkt, always taking into account that the website in question is reliable (review forums and opinions of other users in case you are not entirely sure).

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<p>In the case of a Chinese tablet that we buy through one of the many<strong> import websites, pay special attention</strong>. Stores such as Deal Xtreme, Aliexpress or Pixmania usually offer a good service, but it is a little recommended option if you don't have any previous experience and nobody who can help you. The <strong>second hand</strong> It is also a good option if you want to save some extra money, eBay is the best known portal, in this case, do not trust sellers who do not have a good reputation since the scams are at your service</p>

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